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My Shake Day on iPhone and Android

Available on iPhone and NOW AVAILABLE ON ANDROID! Coming soon to Blackberry and Windows
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About the App

Immediately after beginning his weight loss journey, Bud Adams began working on the missing companion app to the 30 day program. As a Creative Director in the small business world, designing wasn’t an issue, but developing was tricky. After a few months of searching, he was finally able to make a deal with a Pittsburgh based developer to make this dream a reality. Three months later, with many features and ideas still lingering on the white board, version 1.0 of My Shake Day is released.

Bud believes in the value of the 30-day plan – his real life story involves releasing 60 lbs, going from 252 lbs and size 44 pants to 191 lbs and a size 36 pants. Keeping on track with the program is important, a simple app like this can make or break someone’s experience and we want to provide as many tools as possible to help people reach their goals.

This app is designed to work with someone who has just signed up all the way to someone that is 6% body fat and been on the system for years!

Help Us Spread the Word

We need your help. Please share it with your upline, downline, new associates and everyone you know – post it on Facebook and Twitter (@MyShakeDay) and don’t forget to use it in your team trainings! Help us get it out there so we can continue to update and add the features that you want to see on it. Click on one of the icons below to share our App Store link to your social networks, thanks!

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Positive Reviews

Reviews are awesome, especially if they’re positive! Rankings on Apple (as well as others) are directly related to app downloads and app reviews. We know we won’t get everything right the first time, but we’re here to make sure that we can fix whatever we can to make this the best app in the app store. If you have a question or concern about the app, note it below and we’ll do our best to get right on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why did you use the “Hourly Cleanse” schedule?

The cleanse day schedule used in the app is based on Kjersti Cote’s “Perfect Cleanse Day” which is what we have been using and most of the people on our team use. We are currently working on being able to select between the Perfect Cleanse Day schedule and the Cleanse Day Schedule provided in the 30-Day System guide.
Click here to see what we’re talking about.

2) The notifications aren’t working… is the app broken? (iPhone and other iOS devices)

No, it’s not the app… :) Apple has a limit of how many notifications you can receive. It’s possible you have a bunch lingering from other apps. Try this: Slide down from the top if the screen, “x” and clear out any notifications you don’t need from that screen.

Now go into the app and reset your start time on the PLANNER page (click it and just reset it – maybe 5 min later). that should refresh the app and your phone notification settings.

3) How do I get the app to POP-UP notifications instead of the quick little slider at the top of my iPhone? (iPhone and other iOS devices)

Go into the notification settings on your phone (Settings, Notification Center, then scroll to the bottom of the “include” section and click on My Shake Day) and set it to the “alert” panel, that will make the notifications pop-up. We find this better, especially if you’re not staring at your phone all day to get the alerts.

4) I want to change the start time for my day, how do I do that? (all devices)

Go to the PLANNER page on the app. The time is listed at the top right of the page – simply tap on the time (if you miss on your tap, try again – some devices are a little sensitive). You will be prompted with a time selector as provided by your device’s user interface. If this DOES NOT work, please let us know what device you’re using as well as the operating system that is has installed – we’ll try to roll out a fix in the next update!

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